Are you interested in learning more about BGP and routing?

Have you always been wanting to build an Anycast CDN or DNS cluster? Need your own Autonomous System Number and a portable IPv4 / IPv6 assignment? We have got you covered! As a RIPE NCC Member, also: a LIR (Local Internet Registry), registered with the RIPE NCC, we can offer all RIPE NCC related services. We can become sponsoring LIR for your existing RIPE IPv4/IPv6 PI, or AS number resources. We also offer a fully managed LIR service, where we handle the whole process from sign up to resource allocations.
  • $180.75/mo

    IPv4 PA /24


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    • Assignment made from LocoRDP IT’s allocation to you

    • /24 assignment by default

    • rDNS delegation to your own nameservers

    • Abuse is monitored by LocoRDP

    • FREE IP Transit

    • FREE best effort technical support
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